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Hello, I am Rijo

I learned it all the hard way and realized that to overcome the problem there is always a smart way,  so I am here to Crack the Code for Guitar and provide the secret of learning  to all enthusiast.

With my experience, which, believe me through
a lot of failures and untired efforts of learning the Instrument.


I want to make difference in you and your thinking pattern. I call you for an easy way but a strict way to Master the Instrument.

Join us to make the difference, Learn it, Feel it, and Live it.   

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Coming Together Through Music

Our Approach Is Our Strength

Sometimes human mind is such that it generally makes an illusion of the concept of what we already know and thus it skips the most vital ,organic and easiest approach hence a right logical and technical guidance is much needed as early as possible

For all the learning enthusiast starting from 6 years and above are welcome to learn, explore and crack the secret behind learning the Instrument in a smart way to master it.

Our online guitar courses are designed to help you learn new skills and challenge yourself. With Crackguitarcode, you'll embark on a journey of educational discovery that will help you discover your sound. Browse our site to learn more, and get in touch if you have any questions.

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